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As you have recently appeared for your Higher Secondary exam but you have to wait till results are out.
If you score good marks, join your nearest reputed college. You can also complete your education through Distance Learning Program conducted by various colleges. You can visit websites of well known colleges which provide Distance Learning. We will suggest you to join, if you aim to join Distance Learning, IGNOU. IGNOU is a government organisation and its certificate value is higher than others.
For bachelors degree, they ask to enroll for a minimum of 3 years duration and maximum of 6 years.
Total course fee is Rs 6,000/-
There is no minimum or maximum age restriction.
You can find course details here.

few others are :
Jaipur National University

Mumbai University

If you are interested in foreign universities, they also offer online learning program their fee is extremely high. You must have high speed internet. Some offer direct online session in which you must have to be present while the classes are going on. Others offer recorded session, means you can view all those sessions as per your convenient time.
During the program and after completing courses, you will have to appear for exam.
Please find details of some of those :

Bachelor of Commerce


You can also develop your knowledge by free/paid online courses